Our Approach: COBOL Living as a Specification

One of the main challenges facing the software world in the twenty-first century is to advance the technology without spending years or decades of careful work in designing and implementing business processes. This is what ultimately constitutes the so called “Business Knowledge”. It is the main IT asset of companies, and in many cases a strategic differentiator against the competition.

“CLaaS” — Your COBOL programs are still COBOL, but technically are executed as JAVA. This is what we call “COBOL Living as a Specification” or, in short, CLaaS.

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Moving COBOL to Java

P3/COBOL allows you to gradually move your entire application to Java and fully exploit the cloud benefits – or migrate only parts of it and continue to maintain COBOL alongside Java in a modern development environment.

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Global Presence — Local Expertise

The alliance of Turret, EasiRun Europa, Cloud Tech and ProRM is the synergy of knowledge, skills and resources of the four companies. It is our aim to promote tools on the market which simplify the migration process to Java while still being able to run COBOL processes. Users can thereby start programming in Java and still maintain their COBOL if they wish to do so.

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