How Successful migrations work

Modernization With a Clear Strategy

One of the most important main challenges facing the software world in the twenty-first century is to advance the technology base of businesses without discarding years (even decades) of careful work in designing and implementing today's business process automation. This existing software infrastructure often comprises the company's most valuable software asset and, in many cases represents the company's key strategic differentiator from its competition.

COBOL Living as a Specification

P3 COBOL is conceived, designed and developed expressly as a a solution to that challenge. Its architecture centers on the premise that “COBOL lives as a specification of tomorrow's systems, not as an archaic programming language to be cast out as a lost cause”. This central premise is based on direct the experience gained over many years offering COBOL compilers and tools, along with the development and maintenance of COBOL business systems and applications around the world and in virtually every market.

Far-Sighted Project Planning

Contrary to the doomsayers who predicted his death almost since its inception, COBOL still dominates even today all critical IT processes that govern our society, and because it is the language used to specify business processes since the beginning of the Information Age. Unlike most programming languages, the primary application of COBOL was to specify the exact steps you had to take to process information and facilitate the use and operation thereof.

The P3 Alliance: tools, technology, experience, motivation — in other words, qualified, proven expertise to address and solve your challenges.